Russian School of Mathematics: Provider Q&A

Aaron Chernin, Principal, RSM Nashua, participated in a Q&A session as a Learn Everywhere provider.

Q1) Can you tell us a little about your organization?

We are an award-winning K-12 math program that uses the nrigorous study of mathematics as a vehicle to develop our students’ math fluency, intellect, and character, empowering them for life.

We use mathematics as a tool to build logic and critical thinking skills, and in turn, we use logic and critical thinking skills to understand high-level mathematics. Students are guided to think about mathematics logically, building deep connections between concepts, in a classroom environment that keeps them consistently challenged. Our students have enjoyed tremendous success in top math competitions around the country, and go on to attend top universities.

We have been featured across numerous media platform including Atlantic Magazine, NPR and the Boston Globe. We have even been the subject of a TedTalk!

Q2) Why did your organization decide to become Learn Everywhere Approved?

We believe that there is no such thing as a “math person”. Any student can gain mathematical fluency, as long as the subject is approached from a perspective of logic and understanding. We see too many students who have been taught simply to memorize algorithms and formulas, leading to a very surface-level approach to mathematics, and these students often struggle to build upon these concepts as new information arises.

New Hampshire is full of bright young minds, just waiting to be unlocked, and we’d like to provide these opportunities to as many students as possible. Students who understand mathematics logically are empowered to succeed in life, regardless of which direction they take, and in a world that’s rapidly evolving, the only way to prepare our future generation is to make sure their minds are prepared for anything.

Q3) Please describe some of the programming you will be offering for high school credit:

We offer credit for all our high school courses, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, PreCalculus, Introduction to Calculus, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics. All of these offerings are full year courses, and there are multiple levels to each course, ensuring that students are placed in an environment that challenges them, without overwhelming them. The proper level of new students is determined upon enrollment, with a free evaluation with our principal (Aaron Chernin).

Q4) Learning happens everywhere. What are some of the areas of learning or experience that students in your program receive?

Our program is incredibly interactive, and the class is taught very socratically by nature. Students are prompted to think on their feet, bounce ideas off of one another, and explain their thought processes. They are given the opportunity to come up with unique solutions to problems, to defend their own ideas, and to apply these ideas in real time. Once a concept is understood, it is up to the students to come up with the most logical approach to a problem. These thoughts are reinforced during class discussions, group work, and during independent practice as well. Homework is given weekly, and students at home interact with our state-of-the-art virtual platform, which provides instant feedback, and identifies areas of weakness.

Q5) How should students and families interested in your programming contact you?

Please visit our website at and schedule a free evaluation with our principal (me)! Our office can also be reached by phone at 617-453-9475, and by email at

Q6) Anything else you would like to add?

We are looking forward to the start of our year, and to greeting all our families, both old and new! It’s never too early to start understanding math!

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