Comligo: Provider Q&A

Joaquín Calvo, Ph.D., General Manager, participated in a Q&A session as a Learn Everywhere provider.

Q1) Can you tell us a little about your organization?

We are Comligo! We have been specializing in teaching Spanish for more than seven years. We started teaching Spanish face-to-face to kids and teenagers, and now we teach online live Spanish classes to young learners, teachers, individuals, and institutions worldwide. 

Our CEO, Marta Prieto, is a Spanish educator with ample experience in teaching kids. When she started Comligo, she wanted to translate her passion and teaching methodology to the company where we use our game-based methodology to make our classes fun and engaging. 

Our academic team creates and supervises all our programs and teaching materials. The team comes from prestigious institutions worldwide, such as John Hopkins University and Oxford University (U.K.). While our experienced, qualified native Spanish teachers come from different countries from around the Hispanic world and can bring an international perspective to students. 

We collaborate with school districts, charter schools, and private schools in the U.S. to deliver curriculum and after-school programs. 

Q2) Why did your organization decide to become Learn Everywhere Approved?

We always strive to make our courses accessible to all kids regardless of their situation inside and outside the class; that’s the great thing about online learning.

Given that this program is innovative, we were very keen to participate. On top of that, we know that it can be challenging for students to have access to qualified native Spanish teachers in some cases, and we want to make that accessible to all.

Q3) Please describe some of the programming you will be offering for high school credit:

We will be offering Spanish courses for novice, novice high, and intermediate levels for high school students. 

Our programs help students learn Spanish while opening doors to the Hispanic culture. Students gain the necessary language skills and progressively learn everyday expressions, gain listening skills, and learn how to write in Spanish. 

Q4) Learning happens everywhere. What are some of the areas of learning or experience that students in your program receive?

One of the most enriching experiences of the program is taking classes directly with native teachers, which will enrich their effective communication in Spanish. The teachers are from different regions of the Spanish-speaking world, which allows students to learn different accents and ways of speaking in the Hispanic world.

In addition, apart from speaking and listening that are practiced with interactions with the teacher and classmates, we also practice reading and writing.

Q5) How should students and families interested in your programming contact you?

All interested students and families can reach us at 

Q6) Anything else you would like to add?

We are very excited to bring our wealth of experience to the students in New Hampshire, and we look forward to teaching them Spanish and helping them expand their horizons.

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