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Credits Toward Graduation

To obtain graduation credits earned through a Learn Everywhere program, students must submit completed certificates to their school. To ensure that every New Hampshire public school student has equal opportunity to obtain Learn Everywhere credits, all schools must allow a student to earn up to 1/3 of his or her required graduation credits through the Learn Everywhere program. Schools may, but are not required to, accept as much as 100 percent of credits required for high school graduation.


Eligible Students

The Learn Everywhere program was conceived and created to expand learning opportunities for New Hampshire public school students. As such, only students enrolled in a New Hampshire public school can earn Learn Everywhere credits.

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What is the Learn Everywhere program?

Learn Everywhere is a program designed to capture the learning that is already taking place through student participation in programs outside of school. Learn Everywhere creates a pathway for students to apply that learning toward meeting the minimum standards for graduation established by the State Board of Education (SBOE).

How do I receive credit?

Students who complete a Learn Everywhere program will receive a certificate with a grade from the participating program. This certificate will be provided to the student’s school by the student so that credit can be awarded.

Is my after school program, sports league, classes or instructor part of the program?

Approved programs are listed above and new programs are being added every month. Make sure to ask your after school program, sports league or instructor if they are Learn Everywhere Approved. The application is free and once approved, you can earn credit for the learning you are already doing!

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